NYC Truck Hits SUV, Bloomberg Shrugs

nyc sanitation truck mangles ford explorerThe snowpocalypse in New York City yesterday can add one more victim to its list: a Ford Explorer somewhere in Brooklyn Heights. As a neighbor perched above the gruesome scene filmed the action, a snow plow being towed was pulled right into an SUV. From the look of the video posted on YouTube, the upstairs cameraman wasn't the only Brooklynite to get up in NYC Sanitation's grill after the tow truck and plow attempted a very slow getaway.

People in Brooklyn don't like "the man" trashing their stuff. However, during a snow storm last year when I lived in Brooklyn, I witnessed similar destruction during a dig out. As car alarms went off due to the bumping of the street cleaners, I saw a side mirror get sheared off a mid-sized car. Unlike the Brooklyn Heights situation, I didn't capture it on film, and just went downstairs to survey the damage. Also unlike this video, the snow plow didn't stop to get berated by the neighborhood.


Honestly, as someone who bought a $2,000 car because I knew we would be street parking it in Brooklyn, the snow plow destruction didn't surprise me too much. Clearly, Mayor Bloomberg felt the same way as he brushed off a reporter's question in today's press briefing about who was responsible for the damage. The Mayor, in his typical chill manner was all, "Duh, if the sanitation worker hit the car, then of course we're responsible. Next!"

I'm sure the owner of that particular vehicle will receive a lovely pay-out. But I guarantee you there are hundreds of other cars in the outer boroughs right now getting beaten up and no one's getting reimbursed for their cosmetic fixes.

Image via YouTube

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