Nursing Homes for Dogs: Is This Overkill?

dog nursing homeIf anything could make me rethink my decision to take my dogs with me when I go, it's this: Japan has opened the first nursing home for pets.

Genius! Leave it to the Japanese to take loving your canine companions to the next level. You've been there: an aging pet that needs medication, special food, and all sorts of other things on a daily basis. As much as you love your dog, it's just plain hard to take care of them. Especially if they need round-the-clock supervision.

And constant supervision isn't the only thing offered up by the Soladi Care Home.


Here's what your pooch can expect at Soladi:

  • 24/7 monitoring by trained doctors and staff
  • Frequent check-ups
  • On-call vets for dogs with problems like diabetes
  • Special fortified diet designed by the staff vets

Not only that, the aging dogs will get regular puppy therapy! The facility brings in groups of rescued puppies to play with the older dogs, encouraging them to exercise and socialize with the younger crew.

The home is small -- only holding about 20 dogs at a time -- and the price is steep at $800 a month. But isn't it worth it to know your dog is being cared for at such a level? And you're allowed to visit at any time, of course. It seems like a good alternative for dogs that might need hospice care. And if I knew my dogs would be taken care of like this, I certainly wouldn't hesitate to book them a room -- even at that price.

What do you think of the doggie nursing home idea? Would you send your old dog there?


Image via Normanack/Flickr

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