William and Kate's New Neighborhood: What a Dump!

prince william neighborsBy this point, everyone is well aware of the rural love nest shared by Prince William and Kate. It’s rural as in: it’s not in the city. Let’s face it. The place is a palace. And it’s not the only one around.

Herefordshire is filled to the brim with gorgeous manses, manors and maisons. For a cool couple million, you too could be neighbors with the prince and his fiancée!

Check out what some of these palatial homes look like -- I think you'll be surprised.


prince william neighbors











This home within the city is no country manor, and it's going to cost you nearly $700,000. At least it has five bedrooms.

prince william neighbors











It also has plenty of chintz and outdated furnishings.


prince william neighbors











The Much Birch estate is priced at roughly $425,000. One can only assume there are many birch trees on the property.

prince william neighbors











Much Birch also loves chintz. And mauve!


prince william neighbors











Eardisley is your typical Hansel & Gretel-style Tudor, minus the sweets. Its four bedrooms will run you a cool half million.

prince william neighbors











With any luck, they'll throw in those Ikea chairs. The slanty staircase is free with purchase.

Don't get me wrong, these are all (relatively) lovely estates. But are they million-dollar lovely? Seems like just another case of paying for proximity. But hey, at least you might have the chance at spotting the royal couple -- or at least the right to claim them as neighbors. And once you get rid of all those florals, you might actually be able to live there without chronic migraines.


Images via Hereford Property Gazette

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