5 Cool Ways to Reuse Your Christmas Tree


five uses for your christmas treeIf you're wondering what to do with your Christmas tree this year, you might want to think outside the recycling bin (assuming your town has that giant tree corpse gathering every January).

Fabien Capello, an artist in London, has started creating furniture out of your old Christmas trees, and is now taking orders for custom stools for only 400 pounds, or around $607 USD. That's a lot of money to spend on being green, but for your one of a kind piece of functional art, not so much.

Capello has inspired me to find other people who will make one-of-a-kind things out of trees. Especially since I don't have my own woodworking studio, nor a load of talent in this arena. Naturally I headed over to Etsy, and found some options I might actually be able to whip up with a sander and a saw. Alternately, these fun recycled wood house decorations are a heck of a lot more affordable and I can just hit the PayPal button instead of shipping my tree to the UK.

five uses for your christmas treeTea Light Holder

This Etsy seller makes these tea light holders from fallen trees. At an inch-and-a-half tall, you could make a ton of these from your 8 foot pine. Or, buy one from her for $7. Your choice.

five uses for your christmas treeOrnaments

How very meta! Put last year's Christmas tree on next year's with these recycled wood ornaments. Bonus points for using the sap as your ink.

five uses for your christmas treeTree Stump Wall Clock

If you also grew up in the 70s and 80s, you may remember the bulky beauty of the tree stump clock. DIY, or pick this one up for only $35.

five uses for your christmas treeCoasters

These wooden coasters are only $7.99 a set on Etsy, and perfectly formed. However, how easy would this be to do yourself? Grab that tree and start sanding!

five uses for your christmas treeBelt Buckle

This wooden belt buckle is lovely, but if you're doing it yourself may I suggest adding a little flair? Block letters spelling out your name, a marijuana leaf . . . whatever screams YOU.

What are you doing with your Christmas tree?


Image via sdminor81/Flickr

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lovin... lovinangels

um...even if I handmade all of that, that's still like one foot of my eight foot tree.

kathe... katherine.pryde

yeah, the base of the 4 foot tall tree we have at our apartment isn't even as wide as a coffee cup.  i will have to look for other solutions.

nonmember avatar Alex Meldrum

I became creative when buying my annual christmas trees. Instead of a cut down pine tree, I would by a potted tree of my desire. This was then decorated in traditional fashion and then planted out when the season allowed.

nonmember avatar Storage Heaters

Well that's some rather thoughtful ideas April :) I think I might have to try some of them and see if I can make a bit of money back from last years xmas tree lol

nonmember avatar karla

in my house we use last years natural tree again. we left it after christmas to naturally dry outside, all the leaves fell down so it is only the sticks, then we paint it white or gold and decorate it again for next year christmas. One year we use a new real one, and the next one we re use it. It looks different and really cool!!

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