Bristol Palin Moving to Arizona & 3,000 Miles From Mom

bristol palin arizona homeBristol Palin just plunked down $172,000 in cash to buy a home that was in foreclosure in Maricopa, Arizona. Maricopa, what? A desert area south of Phoenix, no one would accuse the eldest Palin daughter of living the high life in her new stucco five-bedroom abode, even though it does have a massive square footage of 3,900. Since the home did go for $330,000 in its heyday, the single mom did get a significant break in the price of her first home. Probably because it's in the middle of nowhere, but that's the way the Palins like it.

One might be confused as to why exactly the Dancing with the Stars (ahem) talent would buy a home in a remote area of Arizona that only became an incorporated city in 2003. So one can only speculate.

Allow me.

  1. Bristol is doing her part to help the housing crisis in this area that has been hit hard. She's thoughtful like that.
  2. Alaska wasn't quite conservative enough for the daughter of the Republican nominee of VP. Rural Arizona outta' do it for her.
  3. Bristol got a taste of life in the sun while in Los Angeles for DWTS, but Hollywood isn't her scene. Of course, she's still close enough to attend casting calls without the aide of an eight hour flight.
  4. Because someone in the Palin family needs to keep an eye on the McCains. Can we even wait until John or Cindy pen a 2008 campaign tell-all?
  5. She just wants to get the hell out of Wasilla.

Why do you think Bristol Palin is moving to Maricopa?


Image via Maricopa Real Estate


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