Bank of America Breaks In & Steals Woman's Husband

foreclosure sign houseWell, Happy Holidays, your bank just broke into your home and robbed you of your precious belongings -- including your beloved husband!

That's what Bank of America just did to struggling homeowner Mimi Ash, who believes she was mistakenly foreclosed upon by the bank. Ash was behind on payments for her Truckee, California home and was working out a mortgage modification with Bank of America. However, before the modification was worked out, the bank seized her home, changed the locks, and tossed out her possessions, which included a box with her husband's ashes.


What is going on? In neighborhoods around the country, foreclosed houses are sitting empty, showing signs of wear, their yards overgrown, yet the banks don't seem to have the manpower to get them up and on the market again. But then here's a case where the homeowner is actually working with the bank to figure out a payment plan that she can afford and thus save her home from foreclosure. The bank can't find the time to work with this homeowner to a final solution, but somehow finds the time to break, enter, and clear it out, removing her very personal belongings.

Ash told the NYT:

"This is in essence a burglary ... But when a burglar goes in, they don't take your photos and your husband's ashes."

Other similar bank repossession stories have been surfacing, too. Reportedly, banks used repo men to break into Florida homes. Other banks have hired firms to break into and enter homes that were not even formally foreclosed upon, in some cases, while the homeowner was inside the house. You can imagine how scary that might be!

It just seems in a horrendous mortgage crisis situation like we have here right now in our country, banks should be working to keep people in their homes, not resorting to such indecency.

What do you think? Is the bank wrong or did the woman risk these consequences by falling behind on her payments?


Image via respres/Flickr

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