10 Days to Clutter Free: Emptying Your Mug Cabinet

cabinet clutterYou know how it is. Year after year at least one person gives you a mug for Christmas, your birthday, Festivus ... Then there are all the souvenirs from trips you've taken -- or from the time Grandma went to the Grand Canyon. Soon you've got a cabinet full of ticky-tacky mugs, when you really only use one or two on a regular basis.

That doesn't even count all the special coffees, teas, hot chocolates that wind up there. Oh and the really odd stuff, like that spoon rest from Aunt Mary or the one wine glass left over from the set that broke at Thanksgiving.

And if you've got mugs stacked on top of mugs, you've got a real problem.

Time to call in the exterminator organizer! Jill Pollack Lewis steps in again with solutions for that mess you call a cabinet in Day 8 of 10 Days to Clutter Free.


Step 1: Save only the bare essentials

What Should Be There:

  • Mugs
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Coffee & tea paraphernalia


Step 2: Rethink your cabinet's purpose

What Should Not Be There:

  • Anything not related to hot beverages


Step 3: Get organized tips

  • Get rid of all cracked and chipped mugs
  • Get rid of anything oversized or too small
  • Get rid of touristy memorbilia mugs that you don't use
  • Toss all hot cocoa mixes, sweeteners and teas that you never use
  • Treat yourself: get a nice set of mugs to start fresh with!

Image via PlayfulLibrarian/Flickr

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