10 Days to Clutter Free: Neaten Your Nightstand

bedroom clutterWe keep all kinds of things on and in our nightstands. Books, medicines, tissues, pens, papers, candy and gum ... and on and on. You name it, it's on some guy's nightstand somewhere.

Over time, it just becomes an endless pile of clutter -- especially if you've got a drawer where things have been swept out of the way. Can you even see to the bottom of your nightstand's junk drawer?

Thank god for Jill Pollack Lewis, who once again has some fab tips for taking care of that nightmare of a nightstand once and for all. On Day 7 of 10 Days to Clutter Free, it's time to head into the bedroom ...


Step 1: Save only the bare essentials

What Should Be There:

  • Couple of books
  • Lamp
  • Alarm clock
  • Phone
  • No more than one candle


Step 2: Rethink your nightstand's purpose

What Should Not Be There:

  • Candle collection
  • Multiple moisturizers
  • Pen collection
  • Contents of the medicine cabinet
  • Important papers
  • Work materials


Step 3: Get organized tips

  • Clear out all the "might read" books and keep just the ones you are reading on the stand
  • Put medicine in the medicine cabinet
  • Toss all dead candles -- they are just dust collectors
  • File all important papers and receipts
  • Dust the surface and enjoy the peace of the area - anything weighing on you next to the bed weighs on you in sleep
  • While you're there -- clean out under the bed, too!


Image via Listener42/Flickr

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