10 Days to Clutter Free: Restore Your Bathroom

bathroom clutterLet's forget about the mildew and soapscum currently residing in your bathroom for a moment. Instead, let's have a little chat about all that stuff that's laying around.

You know you have at least two bottles of shampoo with just dribbles left over. Scented candles for, you know. Hair ties strewn across the counter. Sure, when company comes, the place looks like a magazine layout, but in everyday life, clutter takes over. Even when the clutter is good -- stuff you use often -- it's bad.

We're at the Project 10 Days to Clutter Free half mark. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Follow the wise words of Jill Pollack Lewis and whip your bathroom into shape -- and into the sactuary it should be.


Step 1: Save only the bare essentials

What Should Be There:

  • Beauty products
  • Hygiene products
  • Towels

Step 2: Rethink your bathroom's purpose

What Should Not Be There:

  • A library of reading material
  • Candle collection
  • Shoes
  • Food (Laugh if you like, but Jill says it's surprising how many people treat their bathrooms as a picnic area)

Step 3: Get organized tips

  • Get rid of the shampoo graveyard -- use the remainders in a week or toss them
  • Get rid of expired cosmetics
  • Repurpose votive holders or tea cups for hair pins and elastics
  • Use plastic drawer dividers in the medicine cabinet and silverware trays in the drawers
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