The Homes of Robert Pattinson (PHOTOS)

the cullen home twilightAs the buzz begins for Robert Pattinson's newest movie, Water for Elephants (coming April 2011!), all of RPat's fans are surely going to be in the stalking mood once again. It's not enough to see him on the big screen, on the red carpet, dashing from paparazzi, we want to be up in Robert Pattinson's house!

Forget those guys selling "Maps of the Stars," we've got the scoop on where you can find Edward Robert chilling and watching Netflix. (Possibly with Kristen Stewart next to him on the couch.)


The Cullen House

Head north to Vancouver, B.C. if you want to get a glimpse of the Cullen home used in the Twilight films. If you have an extra $3.3 million, you can also buy it and make it your own house of worship for the pasty-faced one.

robert pattinson homeRob and Kristen's Love Nest

Outed before, this comfortable home in Bel Air is reportedly where Bella and Edward get it on in real life. Called a modest property, I can only say, yes, in Bel Air this is modest. However, it looks like there's plenty of room in there for all of their fans. So just stop by and say 'hi' when you're in the neighborhood.*

robert pattinson homeLocation Location Location

While filming Breaking Dawn in Brazil, Robert and Kristen shacked up in this lakeside ranch-style home. It may look average, but the couple reportedly went swimming in the rain right outside their door, so we can only imagine what hotness this house has seen.

robert pattinson homeCorn Maze

Then of course, if you just want to look at a really bizarre tribute to the boy vamp, you can head to this corn maze in Utah to see both Edward and Jacob. In corn. Or rather, cut down corn. Either way, totally weird. But if you're stalking a man who plays a vampire in the movies, who knows what your "normal" is, really?

Would you stake out Robert Pattinson at his house?

*Not responsible for any jail time served if you break the law while trying to greet the happy couple.

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