10 Days to Clutter Free: Tackling the Linen Closet

Megan Van Schaick

linen closet organizationClutter, clutter everywhere! Especially during the holidays. There's paper and bows, all the stuff you tossed in the closet hoping the in-laws wouldn't see, and yes, you've even reverted to shoving stuff under the bed in the mad rush to clean. Your purse is a mess, the pantry's a wreck, and can you even see under your sink anymore?

Wouldn't it be awesome to start the new year with a clean, fresh, clutter-free home?

I consulted Jill Pollack Lewis, organization guru, about easy ways we can de-clutter our homes in just 10 days.

Day one addresses one of my worst areas: the linen closet. Here's Lewis's three-step plan for transforming this vital hub. Ready ... go!

Step 1 -- Add up your per person allotment.

What Should Be There:

  • An extra set of linens for each bed, color-coded for each room
  • Towels, two or three for each person
  • Washcloths, no more than 7 per person

Step 2 -- Clean out anything that doesn't belong.

What Should Not Be There:

  • Cleaning rags -- these go in the cleaning area
  • Ripped or stained linens and towels
  • Pet towels
  • Memorabilia, stuffed animals, etc.
  • One-off pillowcases that have no partner

Step 3 -- Do a final inspection

  • Repurpose a basket or clear tote to hold all the washcloths so you don't worry about a pile falling over
  • Roll towels instead of folding so the pile doesn't unfold when you remove one
  • Repurpose stained and torn towels into pet towels or cleaning rags


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