Brangelina Making Another Shallow Real Estate Purchase

Cali, ColombiaBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie recently took a trip to beautiful Colombia, so you know what that means -- another addition to their real estate portfolio. The celebrity super couple, who have a tendency to snatch up properties in every country they visit, are reportedly looking to buy a 15-bedroom mansion after falling in love with the city during a secret visit.

Alessandro Proto, an estate agent who has helped a number of Hollywood's biggest stars buy homes, blabbed to the Colombia Reports that the superstars are particularly keen to buy a home in or around Cali, despite the city’s high crime rate.

If they end up purchasing, it will be their sixth home. They recently bought an Italian 15-bedroom villa for $40 million, and they also own a French chateau, New Orleans mansion, 5-acre Los Angeles compound, Malibu home, and ocean-front property close to the Cambodian jungle. That's quite the real estate portfolio for a couple who is supposedly so charity-oriented.


I understand that they give a lot of their time and money to third world countries, and it is truly admirable. And sure, they deserve to buy whatever their hard working hearts desire. But I am hesitant to believe that these mansions they have all over the world is necessary, especially when they are 10-, 15-bedroom homes. Take that Italian villa they just purchased for instance. That money could have paid for 80 million homeless families to have a roof over their heads, along with extra money to help them get on their feet.

It's easy for me to say that I think the wealthy have an obligation to help those that are less fortunate, being as I'm most certainly not one of them. But even though I'm at times barely getting by myself, I, at the very least, give the homeless man on the corner my change. It's hypocritical to lecture on how important charities are, and then turn around and buy a multimillion-dollar home that you'll rarely be in. Unless they plan to house the homeless children of Colombia in that mansion, I have lost some serious respected for Brangelina.

What do you think of Brangelina buying all of this real estate?


Image via jmage/Flickr

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