5 Pretty No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas




Photo by mom2simon


Do you dread the task of carving Jack o' Lanterns with the family? Do your kids make you scoop out all the sticky mess, spend three minutes carving, and leave the rest for you to cut out?

Well, maybe this is the year you "just say no" to carved pumpkins. Forget the scary (rotting) Jack o' Lantern this year. There are lots of fun ways to decorate pumpkins that don't require carving.


Here are several fresh ideas for decorating with pumpkins without the mess:

  1. Modern-looking option with decorative nails
  2. Stenciled and spray painted sweetie
  3. Delicately painted white pumpkin
  4. Spiffy and wrapped in sequins
  5. Fantastic glittered pumpkins

Want more ideas? We have 9 More No Carve Pumpkin Ideas (with photos!) for you.

Got a cool no-carve option to share? Share it below. You can also upload a photo of your idea to CafeMom and give us a link below in the comments.


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