Huge Walmart Heater Recall: Over 2 Million Affected


Walmart Heater recallIf you've been staying warm this winter thanks to an electric space heater that you bought from Walmart, you may want to check the label. Approximately 2.2 million 1,500-watt units were recalled today, consisting of four different brands: Flow Pro, Airtech, Aloha Breeze, and Comfort Essentials sold in Walmart stores between December 2001 and October 2009.

The model number for all of these small gray units is 1013, and you can find it on the lower left-hand corner of the back panel in of the heater.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall after several heater-related accidents were reported that included about a dozen instances of property damage due to fires, and several reports of physical injuries. The issue stems from a wiring or design problem that causes these $18 heaters to overheat, resulting in burning, smoking, melting, or in some extremely unfortunate cases, setting on fire. 

Obviously, if you own any of these heaters, for goodness sake, don't plug it back in. We definitely don't want to set the Christmas tree on fire. You can return it to your local Walmart store where they'll be happy to refund you for the full amount, just like they do with anything else that you bring into the store, even that used bra (true story, I used to work at a Walmart). 

I know, Walmart during holiday shopping season? Yeah, I'd rather freeze, too. But if you simply can't go without, they have some other heaters that you can easily swap it out evenly for, such as the Patton Rugged Utility Heater ($16) or the Sunbeam Compact Personal Heater ($10.97), and the good news with these is that they won't set your house on fire. Always a plus.

You can also call their toll-free customer service hotline (800-925-6278) on weekdays between 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. CST if you have any additional questions.

Does this recall affect you?


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RanaA... RanaAurora

Eek! Fortunately we don't have one. Scary.

Xakana Xakana

Nope, not any of the three types of space heaters we have, thankfully!

nonmember avatar Bobertbobert

I had one but upgrading,threw it out. I then bought PATTONs at Walmart and since have bought HONEYWELL Surround Heat($28)and so far, they've proved to be better than the Pattons($18) and they blow heated air up instead of out. I live in a tobacco road hovel,isolated in the woods and love it, but I wouldn't mind a new house(sigh).

tazdvl tazdvl

Don't have this one.

Allyson Hamilton Phillips

I went to Walmart and stood in line for 20 minutes to only be told that they wouldnt take it back because I didnt have a box from 5 years ago or the reciept and it was AirTech brand and they just carry Patton...They told me if I could find it on the shelf in the back then they could do something for me..I went back and of course it wasnt on the shelf it was sold several years back....I was mad none the less!!! Leave it to Walmart to give ya trouble about a recall!!

Mary Sapp

I don't own the recall ones but I do own a PATTON and yesterday as I was watching tv I smelt smoke and looked and the plug of the PATTON was burning.Got it in time before it started a fire in the plug .Had to replace heater and plug.

William Cooper

One of ours was an Airtech listed in the recall. The recall information was posted on the wall near the customer service counter at the local Walmart. We tried to do an exchange for a Patton, but they only allowed us an $9 credit against the purchase of the new heater.

nonmember avatar Wanda

I just wanted everyone to know that just because a heater isn't on the recall list doesn't make it safe. My 2 yr old nephew lost his life on Dec. 17th the same day the recall occurred and his SUNBEAM heater was not on the list.

mbras... mbrasseau

Ummm my Sunbeam Compact Personal Heater plug just burnt up today...

Pam Slizoski


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