Harry Potter Decor for Grown-Ups

harry potter decorDo you love Harry Potter? Like, really love Harry Potter? Do you secretly dream of amortentia potions, mandrake root and wands made of unicorn hair? Are you utterly taken with the magical aspects of the story - and even more taken with the idea of incorporating that magic into my home decor?

Oh, don't worry. I'm not talking about building a moving staircase (though secret passageways would be cool). And I can't tell you how to install a magic wall, or get to Diagon Alley.

But, should you so happen to be as in love with the story as I am, here are some ways you can incorporate a little magic into your home. Without looking like a total fangirl. Which I am not. I promise.


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You can't exactly suspend candles in midair, right? That gives you the perfect excuse to buy the next best thing: a kick-ass chandelier that invokes all the feeling and magic of the Great Hall. Hang it over a long wooden trestle table for maximum magical impact.


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I can see Minerva McGonagall now, grading OWLs at such a desk. Or perhaps re-reading old love letters? In any case, a fantastical -- or merely fancy -- writing desk is a must for bringing the wizarding world into your home (without the teenage wizards themselves).


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Stack a set of new or vintage suitcases and use them as bedside storage. Be sure to pick flat-sided ones, so that you can use the top as a table for your books. Take the Hogwarts Express one step further and pick up an old steamer trunk for the foot of the bed. Line it with cedar and it becomes practical again!


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Fancy a glimpse of the past? Pick up a pretty glass pensieve! Just be sure to leave it empty until you're ready for those silvery strands of memories.



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Get the pretty Hedwig cage without all the mess of installing and maintaining and owlery. Antiqued birdcages in either metal or wood are the perfect magical addition to a room. Buy several and create a lovely vignette with candles inside.


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Every good wizard has a vanishing cabinet these days. Check Ebay and Craigslist for good deals on antique armoires -- or buy a new one stained into a dark finish.


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Naturally, you'll be needing an Ollivanderian wand. You could simply display your wand, or you could use it to create a magical mobile. Or attach it to a doorframe, as a sort of mezuzah.


What are your picks for adding a little Potter to your home?


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