Robert Pattinson Is Such a Pig!

twilightAn old Twilight Zone episode depicts a woman who has just undergone her 11th surgery. Her face is bandaged, waiting to reveal the outcome of a series of procedures designed to make her look like everyone else. She just wasn't normal, you see.

At long last her face is revealed. She's a gorgeous woman! Then you see the doctors and nurses -- all of whom have disgusting lips and ... pig snouts.

Just like the cast of Twilight!


Artist Casey Weldon delights in taking liberties with pop culture -- obviously. He not only captured Edward, but Bella and Jacob as well. Take a look!




Bizarrely beautiful, isn't she? An argument could be made that this is actually an improvement on Kristin Stewart's usual sneer.



If you weren't Team Jacob before, I bet you are now!


What do you think of this take on Twilight?


Images via Gallery 1988

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