Chinese Architect Builds an Egg-tastic Home

man living in eggDai Haifei, a 24-year-old who works for a Beijing architectural design company, has the right idea. No rent or mortgage payment in his very own studio apartment in a prime location. Granted it's in a giant egg, but hey, sometimes you gotta sacrifice space for these things.

Oh yeah, and the whole weird egg thing.


He was inspired to create the egg house from a project that his company's been working on known as "egg in the city." He built the abode out of bamboo, costing him 6,400 yuan, which is about $958. It sits on the sidewalk in front of his workplace (no commute!), but if he gets bored with the neighborhood, he can easily move -- no moving truck needed as the home actually has wheels. 

egg house

The interior is constructed of woven bamboo boards and bamboo mats, which retain heat and keep it dry. Though, I'd imagine it'd be hot as hell in the summer, but hey, we still have a few months to go before that becomes a concern. Inside, he has a 3-foot bed, shelves stocked with books, and even a water tank with a pressurized system though he does his showering at his local gym. The downside is that there is no kitchen, so he has buy each meal. But when you don't have rent to pay, you can afford to eat restaurants every night! The exterior is comprised of gunnysacks that contain grass seeds, so come spring, this thing is going to look like a giant Chia egg.

egg house

While this way of living may not be for everyone, it does sound like a fantastic solution to help low income or homeless families. You'd think these things could be cheaply mass produced. Who knows, maybe in 10 years we'll see little egg homes sprouting up in places.

What do you think of Dai's home? Would you live in an egg?


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