Why Is Mark Zuckerberg Hiding His House?

Mark Zuckerberg home

Mark Zuckerberg in his recently vacated rental home

Now that Time magazine has named 26-year-old billionaire and Facebook creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg the "Person of the Year 2010" (cha-ching!) and he has moved out of his humble Palo Alto rental, is Mark moving on up? Did he get a multimillion-dollar mansion in Northern California? I mean, I would invest in some seriously awesome real estate if I were him. He earned it, right?

So why then is Zuckerberg hiding his new home?


It's been several weeks since Zuckerberg and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan moved out of the modest rental house near Stanford University and made public by his appearance (including a home tour!) on Oprah. But where did the couple move to? Did they leave Palo Alto, where Facebook headquarters are located? And why is he hiding his new home?

The kid is filthy rich, no doubt. And yet, until a few weeks ago, he lived in a very low-key house. He also drives an economical Honda Fit and wears gray T-shirts everywhere he goes -- even to work at Facebook. Plus, he gives back. In September, Zuckerberg created the Start-Up Education Foundation and gifted $100 million to the city of Newark, New Jersey to help aid the city’s ailing public school system. 

So why the real estate secrets? What's he got to hide?

Did he choose to move somewhere incredibly uninteresting again? Or did he blow his minimalist image and splurge on some grandiose mega mansion with all the extras?

I mean, you don't think he's being secretive because he wants PRIVACY, do you?

What kind of home do you think Zuckerberg is living in now?


Image via Oprah

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