Naked Family Christmas Cards Are Never a Good Idea

Look, I understand that it's fun to be different, that you want to stand out and be remembered. I get that taking traditional Christmas card photos can be difficult, boring, and so last season ...

But for the love of all that is holy and good in this world, ask an intelligent and successful friend to look over it before you print out 100 copies and start mailing them off.

Hint: if their jaw drops, eyes go wide, and they refuse to make eye contact with you, that's a BAD thing.

If your Christmas card photo looks anything like these, run, don't walk, to the shredder, and then try to get a photographer who isn't high on crack to take your picture ... one who also isn't afraid to tell you you're insane. And in case you're wondering, nudity is just not appropriate. Oh yes. Check this card out ...


When people take cute "Christmas morning in their jammies" pictures, they generally assume you're wearing some. If you sleep naked, FAKE IT and put some pajamas on. Dad, no one needs to question what's happening behind mom.

If that one isn't creepy or awkward enough for you, give this one a try. It does not go over well, and actually comes off quite creepy, in a "Funny Uncle" kind of way.

And if that one still isn't uncomfortable enough for your tastes, this one implies that some Barry White is playing in the background and the rest of the photo shoot is quite NSFW.

So, I hope you understand now that no matter how comfortable it might be, nudity is just not the way to go when you're making Christmas cards. I know, depressing. And speaking of depressing things, always remember to smile. No one is more depressed here than Grandma.

"Joe, she looks so sad. Put the kid's hat on her. A little Christmas cheer will detract from her pain!"

And last but not least, showing a card that not only demonstrates your ability to scar your own children, but is likely to do the same to any child who sees your card (and any adult who has ever watched "It") is not an appropriate action nor Christmas card.

What's the worst Christmas card you've ever seen?


Images via List of the Day; Awkward Family Photos; PopHangover; Awkward Family Photos; Awkward Family Photos; Awkward Family Photos

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