How to Entertain the Most Challenging Holiday Guests

how to entertain the most difficult holiday guestsDo you have one of those difficult people, family or otherwise, on your holiday party guest list? There's always one -- if you're lucky, only one -- challenging guest to contend with at every party. So are you prepared to entertain them?

We've put together a list of some of the most common types of challenging holiday guests and a few tips at how best to entertain them on your festive night.


First off, before you let these challenging guests spike your blood pressure, remember it is not their goal in life to drive you crazy. It's just who they are. They can't help it anymore than you can help being the most together hostess on the planet. So deep breaths ... you can do this.

Here are some tips for entertaining even the most challenging guests:

Your Mother-in-Law

  • Tell her your husband (her son) always tells you his mom cooks better than you do (whether it's true or not). She'll have on an apron in seconds on her mission to "save Christmas dinner," leaving you free to go chat with your other guests.

Bored 18-Year-Old

  • Give him the keys to your car (not the really nice one) and tell him you're out of eggnog with a wink. Provide directions to the farthest 24-hour supermarket, and you'll be known as the coolest adult person ever!

Feisty Auntie

  • Ply her with sweets. The only thing that keeps Auntie from complaining is a mouth full of date-filled cookies. Seat her right next to a full plate.

Bratty Kid

  • Put him in the care of Feisty Auntie. It'll do them both some good.

Uninvited Guest

  • Who is this person? She can't be related because she's far too fascinating. Talk with her all night.

Your Drunk Uncle

  • Find him a comfy spot on a couch in a dimly lit corner of the living room. With all those eggnogs in his system, it'll be mere minutes before he's out like a light, and you have one less difficult guest with whom to contend.

Neighbor Who Tells the Same Stories Over and Over

  • "Hey, have you met my uncle? He really needs a bedtime story."

Who is your most challenging holiday guest and how do you entertain him/her?


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