5 Gifts for the Boss You Love

gifts for the bossGift-giving can be tricky around the office, but if you have a boss you truly appreciate, and she gets you too -- you need to find a gift appropriate for the occasion. Whether you're in a big spending profession or one that requires a more humble approach, we've got the gifts for the boss you love.

Check out these five great gifts that show your boss you care, without making her think you're a total weirdo. It's a balancing act.




Cell Phone Head Set

If your boss is old school, she'll love this opportunity to turn her cell into a land line with this cell phone head set ($50). Make her the happiest crank on earth by showing her you respect her choices and support them.

gifts for the bossJu-Ju-Be BeHip Bag

A work bag that shows you also notice your leader has style, the BeHip bag ($80) from JuJu is not only multi-functional, it's eye-catching and fashion forward. If you're lucky, he'll return the favor.

gifts for the bossCute Overload Calendar

For the boss with a sense of humor and whimsy, you can't go wrong with the calendar from the people behind Cute Overload ($11.69). Also a major upper in the afternoon when your overworked boss will surely need the boost.

gifts for the bossThe Gourmet Cookie Book

For the cookie lover at the head of your company, The Gourmet Cookie Book ($10.80) is the only way to go. Let the baker/boss discover her inner pastry chef with the best recipes from each year in the history of the now defunct Gourmet magazine. Count on some rad cookie tastings around the conference room table soon after.

gifts for the bossHelping Hand Framed Card

For a truly cooperative boss-employee relationship, this framed lady card ($20) from New York Handmade cards says it all. Specifically, "Hey lady, we're in this together." She'll laugh, she'll cry, she might even give you a raise.


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