The R-Rated Minivan: Coming Soon to a Soccer Field Near You

Nissan Quest 2011If your husband suddenly wants a family-friendly minivan instead of that sports car, it's probably not because he's ready to settle down and start making babies.

It's because the quintessential soccer mom minivan now comes with a GPS category that enables you to sniff out the nearest adult entertainment venue with just the simple touch of a button.

(I'm talking about strip clubs, people.)


"Adult Entertainment" is at the top of the navigation system's categories, followed by Amusement Places, Bowling, Bars & Clubs, Casinos ... wow, forget the limo for the bachelor party, just rent a minivan.

Call me crazy, but I really just don't find it necessary to include this in a GPS system. I mean, really, how often do you go to strip clubs that you would need this feature included in a navigation system? I would seriously hate to explain to a young child why those places are for adults and, no, we can't go there after the grocery store.

Are they trying to make the minivan cool? Trying to reach out to a new demographic (obviously men)? I have no doubt that the boys would love this feature, just judging by reading the comments on other articles, but I doubt, even with the ability to track down every strip club within a 200-mile radius, it's going to entice a single male 20-something to buy this thing. They could put a stripper pole in the middle of the darn thing -- it's still, at the end of the day, a minivan.

And this mobile porn can be yours at the low price of $27,750.

What are your thoughts about the Adult Entertainment feature?

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