5 Hostess Gifts to Get That Party Started

hostess giftsIf your social calendar is hopping, you may be running low on great ideas to bring to the next shindig. Instead of the usual bottle of wine, get creative with your hostess gifts this time of year. In fact, stock up on these items and you'll be prepared for any last-minute function or a gift-giver stopping by unexpectedly.

Check out these five super-fun finds that will keep you from showing up empty-handed, and entertain the party-throwing people as well.


Buzzkill Coasters

Show your hostess you care about her furniture and entertaining her guests with these buzzkill coasters ($8) that are sure to get a laugh and a cringe. Throw down a "no babies yet?" to halt any party conservation -- or start it depending on what kind of crowd you're hanging with.

hostess giftsAir Plant

What's a better gift to bring to your hostess than a plant? A plant that requires zero maintenance, that's what. This kit for an air plant ($32) comes in a beautiful globe ready to impress the fanciest of party-givers, and please the busy lady with a black thumb.

hostess giftsAbsinthe

You're too classy for Four Loko, but want to let your hostess know you like to party down. Pick up the green torment ($34.99) and crack it open when the party has a lull. Your hostess will either thank you or never invite you back again.

hostess giftsBacon Magnets

Does your hostess have strong feelings about all things bacon? If she's a connoisseur of the tasty meat, she'll love these magnets in raw or cooked ($4.99).

hostess giftsCastle Key Bottle Opener

A bottle opener she'll want to display, this brass key bottle opener ($12) will flip the tops off her beverages in the most elegant way. Even the cheap ones.


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