Dear Santa, Kitty's Been Good This Year, Too!

catIt breaks my heart to think of our little feline friends watching their canine brothers tear open Christmas gifts but have nothing to open themselves. A recent survey found that, of the pet owners that do give presents to their fur babies, over 10% of dog owners are more likely to give their pet a present than cat owners. 

Okay, I'll admit, dogs are more like kids on Christmas morning and tear that package apart, whereas a cat may just look at you as if to say, What am I supposed to do with this? but that doesn't mean that they're any less appreciative. Kitty was good this year, too! (If you don't count that incident where he tried to climb the curtains, bringing down your entire window treatment.)

So to make sure all good little kitties get a present underneath the tree, here are 5 gift ideas for your cat.


catnip toyYour cat can battle evil forces with this Star Wars lightsaber catnip toy from Etsy ($2).

Cat Genie

Is it weird that this Cat Genie box ($269) is on my wish list, too? It's self-flushing and self-washing, which means you never have to deal with litter ever again. Let me repeat that, never have to empty the litter box ever again.

cat chaise

Not all cat scratchers have to be eyesores. Your cat will love lounging on this modern yet functional cat chaise from Marmalade Pets ($118).

cat toy

I don't know about your feline, but mine could spend all day playing with a feathered wand toy and never grow tired. I've done the expensive interactive toy thing, but it's a simple toys like this one that holds his attention.

cat bed

One of my cat's favorite places to curl up is in my closet. This bed from Kitty Walk ($49.95) hangs next to your clothes and is surely more comfortable to lay on than high-heeled shoes.

Are you getting your pet something for Christmas?


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