Paint Your Walls in Kate Middleton

kate middleton paintWhen you have people requesting your name at Home Depot's paint counter, you know you've scored big. Newly engaged Kate Middleton has inspired a Graham & Brown paint color, aptly called Princess To Be, and the peachy color is as pretty as a, well, princess. 

The brand's new collection of hues are all "inspired by the icons and culture that made Britain great."

Wow, who knew just becoming engaged to a prince would instantly make you one of the country's greatest people?

If that's all it takes, surely there are some noteworthy people that deserve their own colors. Here are 7 celebs who we'd like to see on the walls.


Sarah Palin Red: If you haven't noticed, Mama Grizzly wears red ... a lot. So I'm sure she'd like to wear a suit who's color bears her own name.

Katy Perry Pink: Katy's bubbly personality would translate perfectly into a bubblegum pink color.

Taylor Lautner Black: Not only is he tall, dark and handsome, but his Twilight character's last name is Black.

Heidi Montag Green: Being that she's so girly, you'd expect a more feminine color , right? Well, green makes even more sense for the real-life Barbie because green is the color of envy. Due to the lengths her and her crazy husband are wiling to go just to stay in the spotlight, I think it's safe to say that she's envious of people with actual talent.

Lindsay Lohan Orange: Orange skin, orange jail outfit -- how could we not add LiLo to the list?

Lady Gaga Purple: Since purple is often associated with gay pride, it only feels right to give Lady Gaga her own version of this hue since she's a huge advocate on equality for the LGBT community.

Taylor Swift White: The southern country-turned-pop star can do no wrong. Even with the spotlight on her at all times, she's never been caught in a negative situation. Her angelic purity would translate into a bright white paint.

What celebrities would you like to see get their own paint color?


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