6 Home Design Trends That Need to Die

design trends
Shag carpeting in its prime
Trends come and go in our culture -- in art, fashion, décor, design ... you name it, it has a trend. Some of the design trends are awesome, like the return of wallpaper. However, some are painfully bad, like the return of shag rugs, which stuck around long past their prime the first time. Split level homes are also making a comeback. It’s the stuff of nightmares!

Sitting here beneath my popcorn ceiling, I’m just pleased as punch to say that many horrible design trends still exist. It's true.

Want to see a few other home design trends that need to go find a shallow grave to wallow in? Here are six designs that have got to go!


6 Design Trends That Need to Die

design trends

Silk Crib Sheets

? Just why? Why would you even think of putting silk in a place where your child will pee, poop, drool, snot, and throw up? These things cost upwards of $1,000, and people are buying them in droves.

design trends


Not since Kurt Cobain’s funeral have we seen so much plaid. It started with the hipsters and new country movement bringing plaid shirts back into vogue. Now it’s spread to other things, like furniture. That upholstery belongs back in the 60s, not in an age when we can actually have pretty fabrics. And take off that plaid shirt already. Say it with me: I am not a lumberjack.

design trends

Overpriced Pallet Furniture

You know what pallets are – you see them thrown all willy nilly in back of Target all the time. They are a fantastic free source of wood…

So why are people charging thousands of dollars for a shelf made out of free wood?

design trends

Keep Calm and Carry On

It was cool and kind of kitschy the first time the poster was made. Now that we’ve arrived at things like "Keep Calm and Coffee On," it's way past time to retire this trend.

You can’t even turn around anymore without seeing a knockoff of this slogan, as proven by the example above.

design trends

The Accent Wall

This first accent walls came in vogue in the early 2000s, and at the time, it was so new and different that it was cool. That time has passed. Following the path of any good trend, your bright red wall against a sea of mocha now looks totally dated and, frankly, a little weird.

design trends


My hatred for CFLs is still going strong. They are expensive, they burn out, and they have the ability to completely ruin a perfectly pretty light fixture because their spirally selves just.don’t.fit.

What design trends do you think are ready to say buh-bye?


Images via Cavin B/Flickrw, PoshTots, Anthropologie, Sundance Catalog, Keep Calm O Matic, Five Star Faux, Megan VanSchaick/Silver & Chalk

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