Escondido 'Bomb House' Burns in the Burbs (Video)

escobedo bomb houseNeighbors of the so-called "Escondido Bomb House" in San Diego were and are probably freaking out today, as authorities performed a controlled burn of the suburban house found with the largest stash of homemade explosives and bomb-making material ever discovered in the U.S. There were so many explosives it wasn't even safe to go inside! So they basically burned the whole house down!

And hoped it didn't blow all to hell.

I've heard of boys next door, but the BOMBS next door? Yikes!

See the blaze (video) after the jump:


The homeowner and suspect, George Jakubec, now in custody, is a naturalized American citizen from Serbia. He has plead not guilty on charges of explosives possession -- including 12 pounds of materials, 13 unfilled homemade grenades with additional shrapnel, and 9 detonators. Sounds guilty to me.

So glad Jakubec is not my neighbor! I'm not sure what I'd be more worried about -- the safety of my home or the fact that a bomb lab (and its accompanying psycho) was within yards of my family.

Bomb squad crews set up a 16-foot wall covered in fireproof gel, and neighbors within a 250-yard radius were told to leave yesterday. Neighbors living "farther away" were provided instructions on how to create shelter by closing windows and doors.

Sounds like one crazy Thursday for those folks.

Check out the coverage:

What would you do if this house was in your neighborhood?

Image via ABCNews

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