SMnS Clip, Where Have You Been All My Life?

smns clipHave you ever come across a product that, in one fell swoop, solves a very simple problem that you’ve been struggling with for eons?

Meet my product: The SMnS clip -- or, as I call it, the OhMyGodYou’veSavedMyLife clip.

I’m a person who needs lists, paper lists. I’ve tried the electronic thing, the apps, all of it, and when it comes down to it, my brain just needs that piece of paper. I won’t even try to explain the logic behind all that.

The clip is basically a giant clothespin designed to fit on your doorknob. Clothespin, you say? Why don’t you just tape your list to the handle, you say? Why not glue a clothespin to the door, you say?


Because tape falls off and there has been more than one instance of finding a three-week-old list tacked to the door.

The SMnS (short for Short Message non Superfluous) is big. It is the handle, so you cannot even open your door without knowing it’s there, holding that vital scrap of paper. Use it to hold grocery lists, to-do lists during the day, that scarf you borrowed and need to return, or, my favorite, a message to your sweetie.

Designed by Gionatta Gatto (at least some Italian designers do great things), the clip is meant partly as a larger statement about how technology has taken over our lives. We send emails instead of letters, use apps instead of making lists, send emails instead of leaving that little love note on the door. He sees the clip and accompanying cone knob, in which you can hide messages, as transforming a barrier -- the doorknob -- into a mode of communication. (Note: Currently the clip, 155€, is only available through Gatto's website at this time.)

I’m a total sucker for concept behind the art, and especially love anything that brings back the lost art of writing. Gatto says that this is really just an opening salvo against our over-reliance on gadgets; I say, this is salvation! Not because technology is bad -- iPhones/Pads/Pods, smartphones, all of those things are great innovations.

But nothing beats a paper list. Nothing. Now, if I could just remember where I put that clip with my list on it ...

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