Mark Zuckerberg Puts Facebook Home on the Market

Mark Zuckerberg homeNot that it's any of our business, but hey, since he can view our biz with a simple click of the mouse, I'm thinking it's okay to be nosy.

Mark Zuckerberg has recently listed his Palo Alto, California 4-bedroom home on Craigslist for $7,850/month.

I want to despise this guy because of his money and the whole Facebook privacy issues thing, but honestly, I can't. Especially now. Even though he's a billionaire, he still wears smelly old college sweatshirts, and rented out a not-so-extravagant home. Sure it's nice, but not exactly where you'd expect a young, self-made billionaire to crash at. It looks more like the home of my childhood friend who's a teacher in Tennessee. Big difference there.


Now, I'll admit, $7,850 is a lot for one month, but split between four people (if normal people were renting it out, I'd assume one person per bedroom), it's approximately $1,962/month. And we're talking Palo Alto, California here (as the ad makes sure to point out -- prestigious location!), not some rural town in the Midwest, so really it's not that expensive. I know people that pay way more than that for tiny studios in New York -- people that are far from being a billionaire.

Mark Zuckerberg home

The listing says that the 4-bed/3-bath house has a new chef's kitchen with a gas stove, complete with a wine cooler (which I'm sure he stored his Dom Perignon in). Nice and modest. I totally see him making baloney sandwiches in that kitchen.

Mark Zuckerberg home

The entire space is a total of 2,350 square feet, and includes a washer/dryer, beautiful wood trim, and a working fireplace (though that tiling around it has gots to go). It has a 2-car garage and view of Stanford University.

Seriously, this ad is right out of suburbia America. You'd never know that a billionaire called this place home. Who wants to place bets that he's going to buy a 15-bedroom mansion next?

What do you think of Mark Zuckerberg's humble abode?


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