Versace Does Ugly Really Well

versace bubble sofa
Versace: A vision in fug.
I miss Gianni Versace. How I miss Gianni! Sure, he was a little over the top, a little flamboyant. And yes, his mansion was practically made of gold. He lived inside the Italian Renaissance. But all that’s okay because he was an amazing designer with a nearly perfect taste level.

Then Donatella comes along. Oh, Donatella. As wonderful as it is that the empire stayed in the family ... did it have to get so terribly fug?

We’re not just talking fashion here. Oh no. Versace has dipped her bejeweled fingers into the home furnishings market as well. Normally, this would be a good thing. Haute home couture? Yes please!

But this … I mean, did you even know that personal moonbounces exist?


Even the retro junkie in me can’t find a reason to love this monstrosity. It’s made out of polyurethane foam -- yeah, the same old foam rubber that your IKEA sofa is made of. You have the choice of upholstering it in fabric or leather (looking at those fabric colors, I think I’d opt for the leather).

It’s hard to believe that you wouldn’t sink right to the ground on this thing. There is no internal structure, so it’s simply the integrity of the foam holding you up. Sitting on a cloud my ass. You’ll be sitting on the ground if you weigh more than 10 pounds. It sounds more like a bean bag chair than a sofa.

And it’s weird, because everything else in the collection is very structured, with some very hard Romanesque lines mixed it. Some of them are even downright beautiful (Goa, I’m looking at you). Scrolling through the pieces, it’s like hitting the world’s biggest pothole when the Bubble pops up. A pothole that makes you vomit. 

What do you think of the sofa? Is so-called “high design” worth the pricetag?


Images via Versace Home

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