John Mayer, No One Wants Your Skanky House

John Mayer front house

John Mayer's house for sale

Singer John Mayer has had to reduce the asking price on his shabby little Pacific Palisades home by almost half a million bucks.

Maybe that's because it's pretty darn hard to look past the hideous exterior of the little hell hole. I mean, who wants to spend over a mill on that?

Of course, savvier homebuyers can look beyond the home's exterior and check out the much nicer interior. However, probably no one wants to think about what sort of creepy things have gone on in slutty John Mayer's house.

Is John Mayer's house too shabby or too skanky? Or both? Let's take a look.


Mayer upgraded from his Pacific Palisades shanty to a $10 million mansion in a gated community in Woodland Hills in early 2009. However, the singer opted to keep the purple-ified Pacific Palisades place, so his band members could "stay" there when they're in town.

Ewww, double gross. It's probably turned into a band groupie love shack! I bet there are more fluids per square foot in this place than in the Jersey Shore Smush Room.

Anyway, here's a peek inside from the real estate listings.

John mayer staircase

I'll bet John referred to this as the "stairway to heaven."

john mayer TV room

What's under the staircase? An extra make-out room?

John Mayer living room

Living room? Or piano bar nightclub where the piano guy's always trying to get lucky? You decide.

mattress bedroom John MayerOh god. Get out the Hazmat goggles. Is that John Mayer's bare mattress? {{gag reflex}}

John Mayer bathroom

Do you think he ever wore his G-sling in that bathtub? Can you say bring on the tub scrub with bleach? There will probably be years' worth of hair clogs to contend with as well.

What do you think? Would you move into John Mayer's old digs? How would you fumigate?


Images via Coldwell Banker

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