Kill My Dogs & Bury Them With Me


pet euthanasiaThere was an editorial recently in the local paper about a woman who died, leaving behind a cat. She didn’t leave any last wishes for the cat, and her family, not wanting the cat, called animal control to have it put down. People were incensed. Outraged! How could they just throw out their mother’s beloved cat?

Of course what they did was horrible. That’s why I’m with the late Donald Ellis, who before he died left explicit instructions that his beloved Yorkie be put down and buried with him.

I’m taking my dogs with me. Even if they are still healthy. Even if they still have years to live. And here’s why.

Once I’m gone, I cannot guarantee the kind of life they’ll have. Who would keep them? Even if someone did take them, I can’t guarantee them the kind of life they deserve. It’s a little hard to pick a new home for your pets when you’re dead.

It’s totally selfish, but also the kindest thing I can think of to do for them. That is a *much* kinder fate than living out their days in a shelter prison, or worse. And because they are pit bulls they are especially vulnerable to mistreatment.

While it would be lovely to know when I’m dying so that I could find them homes, of course that’s not possible. Even having a Dogfather to assume guardianship in the event of my death is not enough. Who's to say that person won’t have to give up the dogs? So you better believe these wishes will be in both my advance directive and my will.

And lest you say, “You’re insane! Would you ever put your kids down?”... Well, no, I wouldn’t euthanize children. As much as I consider my dogs to be my “kids,” the simple fact is, children grow up. They evolve, they go on to lead (mostly) healthy lives, they live independently and care for themselves. Even if they have a negative childhood, they have the freedom and chance to grow out of it. That’s not the case for dogs or cats. They will always need someone to care for them, will always remain who they are right now.

Bottom line: It’s not that I just want them with me. It’s that I refuse to condemn them to a life in prison or neglect. It’s just not going to happen. So I’m taking them with me. We’ve been through everything together, why not death?

Would you leave instruction to have your pets euthanized after your death?


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lovin... lovinangels

Not on your life. We have a game plan in place for every member of the family.

jessi... jessicadestiney

I have to say he makes a good point, but I still don't agree with it. 

RanaA... RanaAurora

OMG no way. I would have loving homes set up for each of my pets, just like my kids.

glamlady glamlady

puppyMy babies will go w/me. I rescued 3. One was so abused.He has back problems, because of the abuse. I still cry 2 yrs later about it some times. Let's just say he was rescued @ gun point. By me. 1 wasto be thrown out in the country. 1 was abandoned for over a wk in an apartment. No food or water. The manager came in saw her. Put her in the parking lot. Said someone will take her. I got a call. We started out w/2 Jack Russells. A girl & boy. Then we got the other 3. Then our son moved back home. With a dog. He's moved out. Guess who got the dog. Yes, they are alot of work & expensive. 2 baths a wk. Wash all their bedding @ that time. No matter how many times they go out. I wipe their feet off every time they come back in. If it's raining. I wipe them off. Sometimes, they have to get a bath. They are very well behaved. They have their rules. If they start acting up. In the cage they go. For time out. We go for rides, & walks. They are like our children. No one else would take care of them like we do. They go w/me, or my husband.


I have several trusted people that would take my pets if I died. Of course if I die, my husband and son would be caring for them, but if we were to ALL die,  there are many people that would welcome them into their homes and love them. 

Saras... Sarasahmof3

My mom have 2 dogs and 2 cats.  She knows that if something should happen to her we would take the animals.  We may not treat them like she does, but they will be loved and cared for. Even so she has told me if she dies before the dogs to have them put down and buried with her and that I should keep the cats, since technically the cats are mine, anyway. I will not put healthy animals down. If my mom does go before any of the animals I will become their new mommy.

JustC... JustCantWait88

I never thought of this!  I'd rather not put down healthy animals, but if I'm 100% positive there would be no one around to properly care for them...I just might.  I see your point.

Layla19 Layla19

My children will likely have our love for animals, so the dogs and cats would go with them.  Hopefully at least one kid is grown before that happens.  If not, there are other people I can trust to take care of them (kids and peets both), or give them to people they trust if they absolutely cannot keep them.  No way do I believe a healthy animal is better off dead.

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