Will Buying Trees Online Ruin Christmas?

christmas tree farmI was primed and ready to write a post about how the new trend of buying fresh Christmas trees online was killing the spirit of the holiday season when two thoughts occurred to me:

What a perfectly genius idea. And, more important, where do I sign up?


My initial reaction to the fact that nearly 3 percent of the 28 to 30 million farm-grown trees sold each year are bought online was one of sadness and despair: Were all holiday traditions going to go down the toilet in a similar fashion? Are we destined for a holiday season of ease and convenience and bringing in outside professionals to trim the Christmas tree?

But the more I read about Target and Costco, as well as several individual retailers and farmers, taking online orders for live trees (priced from $79.99-$189.99), the more I warmed to the idea. After all, it's customer demand that's driving the new trend, and it certainly makes sense if you think about it:

Some individual family Christmas tree farmers started offering the service to their most loyal customers who moved away or wanted to gift a tree to their families for the holidays. National retailers like Target and Costco began adding the service specifically as a convenience for city dwellers.

This last point is precisely why I'm so in love with the idea: I never get a fresh Christmas tree simply because I am a city dweller. Traveling to a place to buy one, lugging it to my apartment and up the elevator, fitting it into my tiny studio -- that's all beyond any and all of my capabilities.

But this year might be different: Instead of ruining a holiday tradition, buying a Christmas tree online might actually make one happen for me.

Do you buy your Christmas tree online?


Image via stev.ie/Flickr

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