White House Holiday Tour -- What Is Up With the Monster Dog?

Bo the First Dog

Candied Bo -- too scary to eat!

The whole world is curious to see how President Obama and his family decorated the White House for the holidays. What? You're expecting cute little pine cone ornaments handmade from Malia or Sasha?

Nope. The only family member that's being represented in this year's White House decor is the family pet, Bo. And we're not talking tiny Christmas-y doggy trinkets either.

I mean, we can all agree that the shaggy pup is pretty darn cute, but it's kind of weird that he's basically the centerpiece in two of the decors.

Move over Santa, Bo's coming to town.


The pup is first spotted standing in front of the First Family's gingerbread White (chocolate) House, a house that I personally wouldn't trust myself to be within three feet of. I can see it now ... being attacked by the Secret Service for munching on those candy columns. We have a snacker. I repeat, we have a snacker!

white chocolate white house

The gingerbread is actually made from honey taken from the White House beehive, and then covered in white chocolate and guarded by a rather large, in comparison, candied Bo. But, seriously, why is he taller than the entire staircase?

White House Holiday Decor

You don't have to look too hard to find the next giant Bo. A 40,000 pipe cleaner-version of the dog tramples over innocent enameled Christmas creatures in the Children's Area. Forty-thousand pipe cleaners?! That sounds like the craft project from hell. The tree next to him (which thank goodness it's a fake dog, or we'd have some leg raising issues) is decorated with gingerbread ornaments made by 300 military kids.

What do you think of all of the Bo-tastic decor? Think it's a little odd to incorporate the pet that much, or think it's cute?


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