Give Tools to Your Man (You’ll Benefit, Too!)

toolsBy now we've probably all started our holiday shopping, and the question that is looming in most women's minds is -- What the heck should I get my husband? He doesn't wear ties, he's not really into music, and his fashion choices are just so awful that you don't want to encourage it. 

How about tools?


They're easy to select and come in a variety of price ranges -- you can't really go wrong. Plus, the best part is that you'll benefit from it, too (hey, it's better than that coffee machine he bought you last year ... when you don't drink coffee).

Here are five ways this awesome gift idea will benefit both him and you:

1. You know those photographs that have been leaning against the wall in the hallway forever? His "Baby, I can't hang things straight" won't be an issue with a brand-new level. At last, the kiddos' baby pictures will be hung! Too bad they're graduating high school this spring.

2. He may have gotten used to the drip, drip, drip of the leaky bathroom sink, but it still makes you want to tear your eyes out when you're trying to sleep. A toolkit filled with different sized wrenches should be able to fix the problem in a jiffy.

3. If your husband has a tendency to leave his greasy wrenches on the kitchen counter (ew!), it may be time to splurge and buy him a tool storage kit. They have really great ones that keep his tools organized -- far, far away from your cooking area.

4. A drill is probably one of my smartest investments. It was such a pain cranking around that screwdriver for each and every little screw. If your hubs is the one that does the home repairs, trust that a nice electric drill would be a Christmas miracle for him.

5. Sure it's a sexy sight seeing your man all brawny and decked out in sawdust after a hard day of building that coffee table that you've been begging for, but it's quickly extinguished when he tracks in sawdust all over your freshly polished hardwood flooring. Buy him a dust collection system or shop vac for his shed so he can do a quick clean-up before heading into the house.

Anyone have some tool gift suggestions for under $100?


Image via geishaboy500/Flickr

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