A Real Housewife Creates the Most Narcissistic Dining Room Ever

real housewives
One Desperate, not Real housewife
Okay, okay, I know what you are going to say: Just the fact that she is on a reality television show proves her arrogance. But just wait.

Kim Zolciak, of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, of the singing voice that even AutoTune won’t touch, has just put her Atlanta townhome up for sale. Of course we see parts of all the ladies’ homes on the show, but not always in the detail that you find in a real estate listing.

Get your inner voyeurs ready, because I’ve got pictures -- and pictures of her pictures.


So is she. 


Kim, in all her infinite modesty, has chosen to decorate her dining room with ginormous, huge, extravagant, Maxim magazine-style portraits of herself. Who does she think she is, Marie Antoinette? (Though they do have the whole wig thing in common.)

real housewives
Narcissism much?
commission portraits of themselves. Presidents. Pharaohs. Figures in Greek mythology.

But, wealthy housewives? I guess if you’re an attention whore, it makes sense. If you need the constant compliments that such portraits would garner, it makes sense. If you need everyone you entertain to see you instead of just see you, it makes sense.

In her defense, she’s not the only one who does it. Tyra Banks is a fantastic example, plastering portraits of herself on everything she can. Padma Lakshmi (from Top Chef) has an enormous nearly nude oil above her bed.

Everyone has pictures of themselves up, but normal, healthy people have pictures of themselves with family and friends. They don’t create monuments to themselves -- in the dining room, of all places. It’s more than just gauche, it’s a monumentally huge display of hubris. And behind that, sadly, is a monumentally huge lack of self-esteem.  

Do you have self-portraits displayed in your home? Why or why not?


Images via RealEstalker

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