Frosty the KKK Snowman -- With the Pointy Hat + Noose!


welcome to idaho signHere's a seriously sick holiday story that will make you want to barf in your eggnog.

Apparently one Markus Eliseuson, a white separatist in Hayden, Idaho, took it upon himself to spread his own twisted kind of holiday cheer -- by building a Ku Klux Klan snowman on his front lawn, complete with a pointy hat and dark eyes and wielding a noose!

If you want to feel ill, click through to see the photo.

Ku Klux Klan snowman KKK

Eliseuson's disgusting snow sculpture led to complaints from neighbors, and so the sheriff's department dropped by to give him a light scolding for his hateful lawn decoration. The police warned Eliseuson that he could be charged with a crime because of the noose, so he removed the noose.

Um, so the KKK man still stands? If this were in my neighborhood, it'd be gone within minutes of being put up. I'd sure have no problem going at that emblem of hate with a snow shovel. There is NO WAY this would stand.

This dude is awful and needs help. I wonder if Dr. Drew would consider doing a new reality show called Racist Rehab where hateful bigots like Eliseuson could come on and Dr. Drew could help them get to the bottom of their issues. Because there are issues here. Serious, serious issues and they need to be taken down.

Do you think Eliseuson should be charged with a crime or at least forced to take his racist snowman down?


Images via artifishall/Flickr and KATU



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nonmember avatar Nicole

Now that's a whole lot of disgusting right there. I know there's an argument for the whole freedom of expression thing but there has to be limits. He's sick, plain and simple.

bills... billsfan1104

As much as it is disgusting, we have no right to tell him to take it down, or go on his property and take a bat to it, or arrest him. if we start doing that, we are violating his free speech. As ugly as it is, he has every right to be racist and vulgar. If we start asking for him to take down this crap, then my tax dollars shouldn't go for et the dung spread on Mary and art with ant going across two biblical brother charachters sucking face. How about those pieces of "art"? I find those equally offensive, but liberals will go at length to protect that free speech.

Stephenie Butler

No. The last time I checked this was The United States of America. The snowman is on his property. He has every right. I don't necessarily agree with it but when is the absurdity going to stop. Life isn't fair. People offend people every day. It's called being human. Just b/c you do not agree with something doesn't mean a law should be made preventing it. And that is where this country has been heading over the last decade. Makes me sick.

nonmember avatar smith

I feel its no different that the display of hatred of religious figures at the smithsonian whic is funded with public money. This is art it makes people look at themselves and question ... this is one of the most fantastic pieces of artwork I have ever seen ........ no I am not racist .... but it does bring out feeling of disgust ... isn't that was art is now ??

Heather O'hara-Johnson

Ok this pisses me off. We (the locals in this area) have FINALLY gotten rid of the Aryans only to have to deal with this disgusting crap and have it make the news. I wish people like this would just leave for good and stop screwing up Idaho!

Madel... MadelynMc

Why does it always come down to liberals and conservatives, billsfan? Jesus, broaden your thinking a little.

And also, the Smithsonian removed said video after the complaints. Rest assured that your precious tax dollars are no longer funding such "blasphemous" art.

bills... billsfan1104

madelyn, your condensending tone show right there that you are for free speech when it only agrees with you.

Betsy McCoochey

This man is my Brother-in-law. He is not a racist! he just loves America and doesn't like what IS HAPPENING to our nation...bailouts, abortions, tax increases.

He helped me form GrandmaGrizzly.ORG, to help elect candidates who will stop socialisms, terrism, and create FREEDOMS.

bills... billsfan1104

Realy Betsy? Lolololololol.

nonmember avatar Darkwolf

C'mon, Betsy... The guy (via YouTube) is a self-avowed White Supremacist. His own statements disprove your claim that he's NOT a Racist.

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