Justin Bieber Found in Drug Kingpin’s Mansion (Video)

Justin BieberWhat in the world was teen sensation Justin Bieber doing, all decked out in a leather jacket, hair swept to the side, inside the home of a notorious Brazilian drug lord?

That's right. When Brazilian police and military performed a massive drug raid on two dangerous Rio de Janeiro slums, they found piles of weapons, stacks of illegal drugs, and yes, our dear, sweet Justin Bieber.

Can you believe it?


Yep, here's Justin Bieber, as he was found in the home of the dangerous drug kingpin known as Pizzou, who is now on the run.

Justin Bieber drug kingpin mansion

Justin Bieber drug kingpin mansion

Oh my word.

Apparently big bad Pizzou had a thing for the Biebs, as he had this very detailed handpainted mural of Justin on the wall of his home. How's that for WEIRD?

Here's the news story:

If you could have a handpainted celebrity mural in your house, who would it be?


Images via Justin Bieber's Facebook and MSNBC

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