9 Outrageously Lazy Excuses for Christmas Decorations

bookcase christmas tree
Can we at least get a few ornaments?
I kind of hate decorating for the holidays. There I said it. The tree. The ornaments. All those boxes of garland and lights and a lifetime's worth of Christmas collectibles. Eeesh. I can't wait until my boys are older and can be more helpful.

However, even though I find holiday decorating to be a bit of a chore, I still do it. I love Christmas and the festive feeling that takes over when the house is all decorated. And I think it's important to keep tradition alive for my kids' sake. In other words, I suck it up. And decorate.

However, I've come across others out there who are really not pulling their weight in spreading holiday cheer. You know your neighbors who don't take down their Christmas lights all year? Well, heck, at least they put them up to begin with. That's more than I can say for some of these superbly lazy folks.


If you're too broke to buy a tree or other Christmas decorations or you don't celebrate the holiday, that's one thing. However, some of you *cough* lazy *cough* people are going to try to play the "I have a moral dilemma with chopping down a real tree" card when you know that isn't even true. If you really cared about trees, you'd be out there planting and hugging trees the rest of the year, and you're not. So no. You don't just get to play that card to cover up your TOTAL AND COMPLETE LAZINESS, got it?

Speaking of lazy. Let's check out some of lazy's best holiday work.

Several Outrageously Lazy Excuses for Christmas Decorations

rock christmas tree

Um, a rock Christmas tree? I don't think so, fellas. That's a stack of rocks if I've ever seen one. Don't try to call your lazymaking eco-friendly either ... We don't play that.

christmas ladder tree

Alright, now this is just crazy lazy.

ladder Christmas tree

Yes, another ladder Christmas tree. But this one doesn't even get lights but instead, a paper garland and takeout food boxes as candleholders. Really? You don't have a glass or a jar anywhere? Nothing?

painted christmas tree canvas

Wow, a Christmas tree painted on canvas. No needles, no fuss ... Tempting ...er... I mean, so lazy!

mistletoe headband

Now this is really lazy decorating -- a Mistletoe Headband ($8) from UO. Right ... cause who has time to actually hang up some mistletoe, let alone do all the work of getting some cutie pie under it for a kiss.

beer keg Christmas tree

Okay, dudes behind the Beer Keg Christmas Tree, not only are you lazy, but you also have a drinking problem.

beer bottle Christmas tree

So lazy yet you still managed to lift this many beers to your lips. Amazing ...

light wall Christmas tree shape


Are you a lazy holiday decorator? Tell the truth.


Images via Crafty Crafty, Natural Home, Apartment Therapy, vtwonenCanadian House & Home, Urban Outfitters, Really Funny Pictures, leedsyorkshire/Flickr, manduhsaurus/Flickr

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