9 Christmas Tree Skirts for Alternative Lifestyles

cowhide tree skirt
Can't wait to play cowboy under the Christmas tree again?
So Merry Christmas, you're a compulsive gambler who's into leather and raising ferrets this holiday season. We're not here to judge. Not at all. We just want you to be able to find a Christmas tree skirt to go along with your alternative interests.

Feeling lonely and misunderstood as you decorate your Christmas tree for the holiday season? Think the perfect Christmas tree skirt just doesn't exist for a person with your, eh em, unique tastes? Well, think again. We've found tree skirts for people with all kinds of freaky interesting hobbies. Finally! This is the year you can let your Christmas tree express who you really are!


8 More Christmas Tree Skirts for People With Alternative Lifestyles

ferret play mat tree skirt

Look, it's a Ferret Play Mat Tree Skirt ($54) from Squeezle's Galore! What the ... I mean, wow, how sad your ferrets would be if they couldn't play under the Christmas tree.

leather christmas tree skrit

This Leather Christmas Tree Skirt ($200) at LXM Boutique might seem like a splurge, but it can double as a sexy cape for your next bondage party. Cool!

French maid tree skirt

Wow, so glad to have found this French Maid Christmas Tree Skirt ($29.99) at Greenegoth Designs. Isn't this just right for the 12 days of role playing?

pink satin tree skirtIt's okay. We really liked the Pink Ladies in Grease, too. Just because we don't like to wear pink satin when we're alone doesn't mean we can't appreciate this Trimmings Merry & Bright Collection Snowflake-Detail Pink Tree Skirt (was $79; now $52.93) at Dillard's.

roulette wheel gambling tree skirt

Hey, this Sterling Roulette Wheel Gambling Theme Christmas Tree Skirt ($44.99) from Christmas Central has lots of green and red, just like Christmas! When you head to the casino again tonight, we know you're just celebrating the holiday season. It's okay.

men underwear hunks tree skirt

If hunks in their underwear are on your list this year, then don't miss the All I Want for Christmas Tree Skirt ($49.99) from Annie K Designs. Oh my!

animal print christmas tree skirt

Sooooft and fuuuuuzzy Animal Print Christmas Tree Skirt ($54) from Milady Creations, yessssssssssssss. We get it.

santa belt tree skirtOkay, so some people have a thing for belly buttons. Okay. We said we're not here to judge. But putting things in belly buttons? In Santa's belly button? Hmmm. Well, we found you the Santa Belt Tree Skirt ($49.99) at Kohl's. Do what you will, but this is going to take some getting used to.

Does your tree skirt celebrate your alternative lifestyle?


Top image via Barrel Horse World

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