Study Is Wrong: Dogs Are Still Dumber Than Cats

dog and catCats vs. Dogs. This argument has been going around since the domestication of the animals and, though I hate to say it, dog owners may have just gotten a one up.

According to an Oxford University study, the intelligence of man's, ahem, "best friend" has evolved at a greater rate than that of our less social feline friends. In simple terms: dogs are smarter than cats.

As a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, I am disagreeing with these scientists (clearly, they haven't met Scout the Cat, who has not only learned how to lay, kiss, and climb a ladder like a human, but has the personality of one as well. He's basically a genius). Overall, I think the lack of the average cat's social skills is actually proof that they're smarter.

Hear me out:


Dogs need social interaction and attention, and they vie to please their owners. As if we didn't already learn this in high school, the most popular girl isn't always the smartest. Cats are obviously independent creatures that can be left at home for a couple of days and can get along just fine without you. Try doing that with a dog. You'll spend the next several days cleaning yellow stains from your carpet and throwing out chewed-up pillows and shoes.

Sure, dogs can be trained to round up sheep, fight crimes, and lead the blind, but does that make them any smarter? If they were of appropriate size, how do we know cats couldn't do the same thing? I bet not only could they do it, but they would make the conscious decision to not do it. They do tend to be feisty little creatures. But can you blame them? If given the choice, wouldn't you rather lay around in the sunshine all day as opposed to sniffing out drugs?

I scoff at this scientific proof. Just ask my cat.

I'm not a crazy cat lady for thinking this, right? Right? Do you think dogs are smarter than cats?


Image via rikkis_refuge/Flickr

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