8 Holiday Gifts for the Spoiled Pet

pet gift guideYou've got your parents and in-laws covered. Kids are almost done. Did you remember the furry kids in your life?

Any pet lover will tell you their pets are their children (well, maybe not so much the goldfish) -- and we love to spoil our four-legged friends year long. We especially love to spoil them during the holidays. After all, won't they feel left out if all they get is a ball of wrapping paper to fetch or length of ribbon to chase?

Of course they will.

So, we've rounded up a few things that are just purrrfect for the furry friends in your life.


pet gift guideBling the Halls

Bring out the Sexy Beast in your best beastie with a fragrance that anyone would die to own. Bergamot, vanilla, and mandarin oils aren't too fruity, not too sweet, but just right for a furry fragrance. And, of course, the bottle is covered in Swarovski crystals and engraved with your dog's name. Make sure you tell her that she's getting a numbered, limited edition fragrance!

$850 for 3.5 oz., Sexy Beast Style




pet gift guideRest Ye, Merry Gentlepets

The Manhattan corner bed is the ultimate lounge for your dog or cat. The cushion is full to the brim with special fibers that ensure it will never wear out, no matter how many turns your pooch takes before settling down. Best of all for us, the slipcover is removable and washable, so those sugarplum crumbs aren't even a bother. Delivery takes 3-6 weeks, so you'll want to put a rush on it!
$349, Paw Printz



pet gift guideDrink and Be Merry

My cat is begging for this -- not only does the fountain action keep the water fresh and the cat crumbs out, there is space for growing a bit of hydroponic cat grass. It's like a little spa for your kitty -- gently falling water (filtered, naturally) and wheat grass for health and vitality. What more could she ask for?

$63, Amazon



pet gift guideThe Friendly Beasts

The question here should be: who doesn't love belly rubs! But a collar tag declaring it is just common sense for any dog who wants the world to know that he deserves a belly scratch. Each tag is heavy duty aluminum with a sterling ring. They are individually cut and stamped, with tons of care and love, just like your holiday cookies.

$12, Lofted Designs



pet gift guideMidwinter's Nap

Can you imagine a more artful spot for your cat to curl up in? Full of imagination and whimsy, this cat cave (hand felted, if you can believe it) is the perfect size to snug down in. It's wool -- but never fear, you can wash it by hand.

$165, Felt for Cat




pet gift guideIn Collars Rejoice

I've had my eye on these collars for about a year now, waiting to be able to justify the price to myself, but if the holidays aren't the perfect time, I don't know what is. Hand-painted leather collars -- leads, too -- are the specialty here. If you aren't down with the this style, they have tons of other options -- for dogs and cats in all sizes.

$85, Tattooed Pooch



pet gift guideSilver and Gold

Straight out of Legally Blonde -- seriously! These Swarovski crystal necklaces are designed by Dorothy Bauer in either silver or gold. Each crystal is prong set into two strands. And of course, the necklaces are available in two lengths, in case you have a Chihuahua and a Boston.

$80 for silver/$90 for gold, The Diva Dog



pet gift guideLet It Snow (Cannolis)!

What would the holidays be without cookies, cakes, and sweets galore? Your dog agrees (unless you said something about watching your weight). Treat your pooch to a few gourmet cookies -- or cannoli in this case. You could make your own as well, but these are truly some extra special "sweets." Make sure to check for gourmet cat treats as well -- you know how moody felines get when they aren't paid their due attention.

$3 each, Paws Gourmet

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