7 Hurry, Hanukkah Is Almost Here Decorations!

menorah cast iron blackPut away your Thanksgiving turkey platter and unload your Black Friday deals, it's practically Hanukkah. That's right. This Wednesday marks the start of Hanukkah. Time to step to it with the Hanukkah decorations

From pretty dreidels to stunning menorahs, we've rounded up seven festive Hanukkah decor picks for the season. Don't delay. This year, there's no time to waste.


7 Hurry, Hanukkah Is Almost Here Decorations!

These first Hanukkah pieces are picks from Amy of the blog more... She shares a few words about three of her favorite Hanukkah finds this season.

Amy writes:

I’ve got a closet full of Chanuka gifts stashed away since it’s seriously around the corner. And even though Chanuka is officially not a big holiday (that’s the disclaimer), it’s an awesome celebration. With decorations. And while I love making decorations as much as putting them up, who has the time for that?

jonathan adler mod dieamon dreidal

1. Jonathan Adler Mod-Diamond Dreidel ($24)

I just think these are incredibly beautiful and cool. Being porcelain, they’re not fit for serious dreideling, but aren’t they pretty?

Jonathan Adler peacock menorah

2. Jonathan Adler Peacock Menorah ($120)

And while you’re on the Jonathan Adler splurge marathon, who doesn’t need a menorah shaped like a peacock? I love this.


3. YStern J28 Falling Letters Dreidel ($40)

I’m not sure anyone will be handing the Y. Stern dreidel over to the kids, either, but I love the idea of putting out the pretty dreidels with the more durable wooden kind.

These final Hanukkah finds are my favorites.

menorah cast iron black

4. Cast Iron Menorah ($150) at Areaware

I love this heavy, modern menorah with a simple design that will stand the test of time.

hanukkah countdown calendar

5. Hanukkah Countdown Calendar ($39) from Land of Nod

Here's a casual and kid-friendly wall decoration, complete with fun gift pockets for each night of the festival.

woodland menorah

6. Walteria Living's Woodland Linking Menorah ($180) at ModernTribe

This splurge-worthy linked porcelain menorah evokes nature and the outdoors. Use them linked together for Hanukkah and separately as candelabras year-round.

silver menorah

7. Silver Menorah ($32.95) at Crate & Barrel

Simple yet elegant, this silver menorah will reflect candlelight beautifully throughout your family's celebration.

Do you decorate for Hanukkah? If so, are you all ready?

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