How to Use White Paint to Clean Your House

white paint can paintbrush Ace HardwareOh, some of the prettiest of homemakers are at it again -- this time using white paint to clean up around the house. Yes, white paint. It can make all the difference.

Maybe your dirty-looking house doesn't actually need a good cleaning but a good paint job after all. Isn't that a relief? You know, anything to get out of housecleaning is what I say. Perhaps it's time to turn in the mop and scrub brushes and get out the paint roller and brushes.

Let's check out three white paint room makeovers that did more for each room's appearance than all the elbow grease in the world could do.


3 White Paint Makeover "Cleanings"

First, let's check out the dining room makeover from Nicole at Making It Lovely. Argue as you will for keeping the natural wood, but the built-in and the trim weren't all that pristine or gorgeous when you saw it close up.


before dining room wood trim


And kablammo! Check the dining room out after some white paint is applied to the built-in and trim. Totally clean and totally updated. Plus, everything pops now -- from the pretty wood dining room table and adorable wallpaper to the collectibles and the scroll details on the built-in.

dining room painted trim

Now let's take a peek at the kitchen makeover from Hindsvik. The gray and beige duet in the original kitchen make the place seem a little dingy even when it's not.




Goodbye gray and beige and cluttery cabinets and hello, white paint and airy bright and clean. Amazing, isn't it?

remodeled kitchen white

And here's one more white paint makeover. Check out this gritty, dismal staircase, seen in Canadian House & Home.


chipped paint old staircase


Wow, what a little white paint (and yellow and gray) can do. Spic and span and without even a mop or a broom or a dusting cloth.

white paint staircase yellow door

So before you get all Cinderella cleaning your place on your hands and knees, take a moment to consider some white paint instead. Maybe it's the cleaning solution you really need.

Have you done any white paint projects lately?


Top image via basykes/Flickr


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