Holiday Craft-Wrecks: Good Ideas Gone Very Wrong

marshmallow Snowman
He's practically perfect in every way!

Do Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray drive you crazy? Have you had just about enough of the pressure to make a perfect, handmade holiday? Should you just go out and buy everything instead? I say NO! Forget about 'em. It’s time for us to embrace the real crafters of America. This year, authenticity rules and "Good Things" can suck it.

So let’s celebrate the imperfect crafters of America, one ridiculous but heartfelt idea at a time. Even you can do these crafts at home. And yes, you are a good mother, no matter how sad your placecard holders look.


I wish I could be like Martha and Rachael ... but just between Thanksgiving and January 2. As I flip through their glossy holiday ideas, waves of warm-fuzzy inspiration wash over me. Visions of making glorious glittered villages out of discarded cereal boxes and hosting “easy” festive cocktail parties featuring seven kinds of appetizers cooked in my perfect pans dance through my head.

And then, the reality sets in: I try too hard to make everything perfect; it stresses me out. And it's not fun for me or the kids. And then I feel guilt. And sometimes I cry, which sort of ruins the whole point of the fun family thing in the first place, right?

I think the people who made these crafts did not feel overly stressed about perfection. I want to be more like them this year!Apple Turkey place holder
Grandma Betty will LOVE this!

Broken Gingerbread house
There was an earthquake, obviously.

Turkey Cake
Uh ... I don't really know what to say about this one.

Do you believe in perfect or real? Please share your ideas, or your best pictures of other people’s authentic attempts. We’ll try to share the best of the best (or worst?) in the coming weeks.


Images (top to bottom): bmoresweet/Flickr;; bridgetodonnell/Flickr;

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