Where Celebrity Chefs Create Thanksgiving Dinner

celebrity chef kitchens

Giada's House

As I cram my Thanksgiving Day groceries into my undersized fridge, I wonder if Rachael Ray ever had these problems. And in fact, I wonder if I too couldn't make something that was yum-o if only I had a top of the line refrigerator/freezer and Viking stove that most celebrity chefs rock in their private homes. I'm thinking I could.

So while these kitchens of celebrity chefs are awe-inspiring, I also have to stop and say, "Eh, if I were so blessed, I could kick culinary butt as well." And then I would fantasize about my mad skills in fashion design, mountain climbing, and diplomatic relations. Which are about as likely as me suddenly cooking like Colicchio.

Regardless, I still want (some of their) kitchens.

Let's take a peek inside, shall we? 


celebrity chef kitchensGiada de Laurentiis doesn't just have an industrial oven inside her beautiful, modern, Pacific Palisades home -- she had her living room and kitchen replicated outside. The photo on top is indoors, the next one in the garden. The views of the Pacific Ocean must take everyone's mind off any dry turkey served up on the big day.

celebrity chef kitchensDo you think you could make a turkey in this? Mario Batali uses his outdoor brick oven for pizza, naturally. But I'm sure he could get away with serving pizza to his guests on any holiday. A marinated turkey breast with sage topping, perhaps?

celebrity chef kitchensSo Tom Colicchio's home kitchen in the West Village looks just like my former tiny, impossible one in Brooklyn. Yet, I managed a full-on turkey dinner last year. I'm guessing Colicchio will too, even though he says he has the same problem of not being able to open the stove and the refrigerator doors at the same time.

celebrity chef kitchensEven though the lady is no longer with us, Julia Child's homey, cooking utensil-decorated kitchen with a restaurant-style gas oven shipped from Washington makes me long for beef bourguignon. Or at least imagine I could produce a chunk of meat like the master.

In whose kitchen would you most like to make Thanksgiving dinner?

Images (top to bottom): Architectural Digest, Architectural Digest, Serious EatsAmateur Gourmet, Architectural Digest

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