5 Gifts for the Tool Fanatic Whose Toolbox Is Filled

tool gift basketAs I cross off people's names on my Christmas shopping list, my heart always sinks when I get to the last name: DAD.

Not because I don't want to get him a present, but because, like most men, he's impossible to buy for. He's a big tool guy, so I spent the majority of my teenage years bulking up his toolbox, but after ten years of buying Christmas and birthday gifts, he pretty much has everything he needs. Now what? What the heck do you get a tool guy that has plenty of tools?

Gotta think outside the (tool) box.


Handyman Snacks $62.99 from Great Arrivals

This masculine snack pack is perfect for a man that spends most of his time in the tool shed. It includes cheese, crackers, and nuts. And when the supplies run out, he's left with a handy toolbox.

Home Improvement DVD set

Home Improvement DVD Bundle Set $84 from Amazon

What tool-obsessed man doesn't love Tim the Tool Man Taylor? My family loved this show in the early 90s, it was one of the few that we could all sit down and watch together. My mom related to the mom character (Jill), I had a huge crush on JTT, and my dad enjoyed doing the Tim Allen grunt, argh argh argh.

antique tools

Antique wood tools $12 from Etsy

He may have every wrench and hammer known to the modern man, but what he doesn't have is antique tools. Sure he may not be able use them to whack a nail, but he would definitely appreciate the history. Plus, they'd make really cool displays (at least there would be some decorative items in that man cave of his).

hardware cafe coffee

Hardware Cafe Coffee $7.99 from Pacific Northwest

With manly flavor names such as Drill Press Double Chocolate, Benchvise Vanilla Chocolate, and Hacksaw Hazelnut Chocolate, your tool guy just might be up for cuddling on the couch with cocoa this winter. 

This Old House

Subscription to This Old House $16 for 1 year

This fantastic magazine, produced 10 times a year, will offer your man plenty of projects to work on, give him info on the latest tools, and answer any renovation questions that he's too proud to ask.

Is your dad or significant other a tool fanatic? What are you getting him?




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