Lawn Ornaments That Assault the Senses

sculpture fightIf you think your neighborhood association is bad, try living in Sag Harbor, a fancy pants area of the Hamptons. Formerly a haven for artists including Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, it's now a battleground for two art dealers and public officials.

Take a gander at this giant leg sculpture by acclaimed Larry Rivers that's causing all the discontent in paradise. These legs have been outside the couple's home for two years, but some residents think it's an eye sore and are looking for zoning regulations to forbid the legs from being on display.

I have to say it's growing on me. 

It may not be the most amazing piece of artwork ever produced, but hey, it's better than these lawn ornaments that I would vote right out of town.


awful lawn ornaments

You really don't want to live next door to this guy. REALLY.

awful lawn ornamentsA starving tiger that seems to be able to punch whoever is behind him with his tiger fist. I hope this was a homecoming prank gone awry.

awful lawn ornamentsA drunken Mexican with a missing arm will not endear you to your non-white, non-racist, neighbors. Just an FYI.

awful lawn ornamentsYou can buy a huge lot of these at Wal-Mart and then pray every night before you go to bed that they don't come to life and stab your entire family in their sleep.

What's the worst lawn ornament you've ever seen?

Images (top to bottom): bettyx1138/Flickr, Mykl Reventine/Flickr, H.L.I.T./Flickr, SMN/Flickr

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