Live Where Heath Ledger Died

Heath Ledger apartmentThe New York City apartment where Heath Ledger tragically died from an accidental drug overdose in early 2008 is, once again, on the market. The current owners have given it a complete makeover, re-gutting the entire thing, in hopes of upping its value. Apparently the whole dead celebrity thing isn't as big of a selling point as it used to be.

The thought of sleeping in the same room where someone died -- celebrity or not -- gives me the heebie jeebies. I'm not saying that I would believe the ghost of Heath is walking around the apartment at night, but if I lived there, I'd definitely be a little more jumpy when things go bump in the night.


Such a shame, because it's a super-nice apartment (like I could really afford it anyways). The 4,400-square-foot space is being sold for $5 million (Ledger rented it for $22,000/month) and has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 15' ceilings, exposed brick walls, and a private balcony. Nope, not too shabby at all. 

Heath Ledger apartmentIt may be difficult to decorate around those cast-iron columns, but the fact that they're original Corinthian columns would be worth it. Love the exposed brick and tin ceilings.

Heath Ledger apartmentEeek ... I think this is the bedroom. Next room, please!

Heath Ledger apartmentThis kitchen is awfully cheery. I wouldn't think to use seagreen on the kitchen cabinets, but it works here. And the painted ceiling in the bathroom makes the room easy on the eyes.

Heath Ledger apartmentAnd if you're a person that can afford a $5 million apartment, you'll probably be the kind of person that needs a high-end alarm system. The apartment comes with audio/visual intercom security, alarm theft detection system, and a private key-locked elevator. Gotta make sure you keep the burglars (and ghosts!) out.

Would you be able to live in a home where someone has died? If you do, does it ever freak you out? What do you think of Heath's apartment?


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