Oprah Leaves Chicago for Jersey?

The Frick Estate

A smidgen of The Frick Estate

Watch out Snooki, there's going to be a new queen bee in town! Oprah and her entourage were spotted checking out real estate in Alpine, New Jersey -- just across the Hudson from New York -- and now we're all wondering if she's really going to move to the Garden State.

The Frick estate, a $68 million dollar mansion, was one of the stops Oprah reportedly made when she was house hunting, and it sounds amazing enough to make anyone want to move to Jersey.

I kid, there are a ton of great reasons for Oprah to live close to The Shore. Or, at least, three:

  1. Her neighbors in the ritzy Alpine (called the most expensive zip code in America by Forbes) will include Eddie Murphy and the Jonas Brothers.
  2. This place is a 30,000-square-foot, 5-story, 19-bedroom, 12-bathroom estate with a saline pool, movie theater, English gardens, library, tennis court, ballroom, wine cellar, and of course -- a staff.
  3. Housewives and juiceheads aside, Jersey is a really beautiful state ... and you can always escape to New York.

Since Oprah and her crew were spotted all about town, it does seem quite credible the media mogul is serious about looking to relocate. Or perhaps, just add another spread to her list. But rumors about Oprah's whereabouts have been grossly exaggerated before (ahem, she never moved into my Brooklyn neighborhood) so we'll just have to wait and see if the movers, and Gail, show up in Jersey.

Do you think Oprah should move to New Jersey?


Image via The Estates at Alpine

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